What is Win The Day Everyday?

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What is Win The Day Everyday?

Post by WinTheDayEveryday on Sat Dec 17, 2016 9:44 am

Our goal is to help everyone reach their true potential. The greatest waste of mankind is not natural resources but the waste of human potential. Win The Day, Every Day is to help all of us as Humans set daily goals and hold each other to achieving them. The purpose is to set 3-5 daily goals that will help you improve your life or someone else's. Every day you accomplish all your daily goals it is a win. Together we can all work together to help make each other as successful as possible. We only set 3-5 daily goals because you can't accomplish 15 big tasks everyday, but 3-5 is possible. You want to set 3-5 goals such as reading, going to the gym,saving money, only eating so many calories etc... now the purpose is to set goals that will help you become more successful not something like doing laundry (unless you actually have a problem doing laundry)

Surround yourself with great people and you'll do great things.


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